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Let’s face it, we all live busy lives and we tend to forget to use birth control methods. The most common one used on a daily basis is the birth control pill. Other methods don’t require you to take it as often or require protection during intercourse.

But here’s a quick look at why you shouldn’t forget to take your birth control, regardless of which method you choose:


1. Children expenses add up quickly

2. In small places, babies can be very loud

3. Kids slow you down, a lot

4. Lots of fake enthusiasm is required

5. Children can be little sexual deviants

6. Little demons with art supplies

w o w. A lot can happen in a matter of seconds. #lifewithkids #lifewithtoddlers #sos #makeup #helpme #parentingfail

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7. Babies are gross and sad

8. Develop new/sad hobbies

9. Kids never let you be cool

10. Multitasking is difficult

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11. Scream for no reason

12. Lower standard of living

13. Sleep deprivation


14. Major drama queens

15. So much energy


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