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Are you in a relationship that needs a little spark? A little UNF? A little pizzazz? 

Well, we are here and we have you covered. You’re not alone when it comes to feeling as though you have lost the spark in your relationship. If you’re out of the infatuation period, it can be easy to slip into a rut.⁠ That doesn’t mean the love has faded, it just means you might need to reignite the flame!

We have some things you can integrate into your everyday life to help spice up your relationship, and get it back on track. 

Start dating each other again 

Get back to how things were when you first laid eyes on eachother. Grab a drink, go to a restaurant, grab some appies and reconnect. Sometimes the thing you crave the most is the connection you once had. We know you’ll be able to get it back if you try. Don’t talk about work, school, stress or the problems you find arising in your relationship. Let loose, and have fun with each other. Make this your mission. 

Do Something New Together

We suggest finding a hobby you can both do together, that will get you out of the house and on your feet! If you fall in love with something together, that becomes an activity that bonds you both. Try tennis, maybe rock climbing or creating clay figures. Some couples like to workout together, others maybe hike? Grab your favourite books and read in the park. The list is endless! We know this will help you change up your routine and get you back on track.

Put your Phones Away 

When your eyes are locked on your screen, it can be hard to focus on each other. Make it a habit to start putting your phones down, instead of picking them up. Be more in the present moment to ensure you’re living your best life. – Together! 

Hangout with Each Others Friends

Add in friends to your routine to change up your atmosphere and scenery. We all can admit, it’s easy to get tired of being with our partners 24/7. It’s okay to want a little bit of a break. If you hangout in a group, it adds a little more pizazz to your plans and you are still able to be together in the process. Seeing those you love get along, can easily be the thing you need to fall back in love.

Remember Why You’re Together

What brings you happiness within your relationship? When you look at your partner, what sparks joy? How do they make you feel? What do you love about them? If all your answers to these questions were positive, you seem to be on the right track. Whenever you feel down, ask yourself these questions again to remind yourself why you’re in it. – In it to win it baby!

We hope a couple of these suggestions helped you get back into the swing of things. Every relationship is different and some need a little more nurturing than others. That doesn’t mean anything is wrong, it just means that it might be time to SPICE things up a little bit. 

Now, go get spicy with your partner and bring back the infatuation you’ve been craving! You’ve got this! 

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