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A strong and healthy sex drive comes naturally for both men and women most of the time, but when it doesn’t the person may feel apprehensive talking about it. That can even be true for talking with their spouse or partner, despite the disruptions it can cause in the harmony of their relationship. No way around it – libido is important. While it’s something that roars in your twenties it is natural for it to diminish some as you get into later decades.

The key word there is some, as it shouldn’t dip to the point where it is nearly nonexistent. Those looking to increase sex drive for women at this age can consider Addyi.

Let’s just say that men and women benefit mutually and extensively from this medication, and it is another example of how advances in pharmacology are making life better for people. In this case, it is making sex lives better and that provides both genders with immeasurable physical and mental health benefits. Along with just so much in the way of just overall satisfaction and gratification, helping improve sex drive for women is possible, and that is going to be a very welcoming news to women needing treatment for HSDD.

HSDD stands for hypoactive sexual desire disorder, and for women it can be shocking to have low sex drive before menopause. It may be more understandable when estrogen levels drop due to menopause, but women who are premenopausal and have low sex drive can’t look to their hormone levels for an explanation. Being more interested in sex in your forties for women can be a real challenge, but Addyi can definitely help with that. So, let’s take this blog entry to look at how Addyi works to restore sex drive for women.

The Little Pink Pill

Addyi is affectionally called the little pink pill and is said to provide 3 concrete improvements for women with low sex drive. They are:

  • Increased sexual desire
  • Increased satisfaction with sexual events
  • Reduced distress associated with low sexual desire

The next question for women will be how does Addyi work to treat low sex drive? We talked about estrogen, and some may think it’s related to hormones. But it’s not, and it actually works in much the same way that other medications like antidepressants do. It reorients the person’s brain biochemistry with neurotransmitters. The active ingredient in Addyi – flibanserin – is a multifunctional serotonin agonist. That’s an uncommon word, but what agonist means is that it reduces the frequency of something.

So, what happens less frequently here with Addyi for enhancing sexual desire for women is the release of serotonin. Many of you will have heard of serotonin, and the connection between serotonin and sex drive is very real for both men and women. While serotonin release is decreased, dopamine and norepinephrine – 2 other major neurotransmitters – are released more. This is how Addyi works.

Better Price on Addyi

Most women looking to treat HSDD and increase sex drive are not going to care so much about how it works, just that it DOES work. Addyi reviews suggest that it does improve libido for older women, and others have been asking if Addyi work right away. Women should give it some time to begin working, but for most people there are improvements in sex drive within a few weeks.

All of this leads to the next major consideration-the average Addyi price in the US. Paying more than $400 for 30 of the Addyi 100mg tablets definitely qualifies as expensive. Some women may be able to get it for less with health insurance coverage or copay for medication arrangement. It is more likely that this libido improvement medication may not be covered under insurance plans because it is not directly related to primary health maintenance.

But for many women they’ll argue that restoring sex drive for women is essential to the health of their relationship with their husband or partner. The solution to pay less and get a lower Addyi price is to order medication online from Canada.

Pharmacies like Canada Pharmacy are able to dispense Rx medications for much less than pharmacies in the US, and that certainly applies to Addyi medication too. The price for the same 30 100mg Addyi tablets is around $100 less than the average US price, and this makes it a smart choice to order Addyi from Canada in the same you can for nearly any expensive prescription medication in the USA.

Are you a woman who needs to restore interest in sex? Addyi is definitely something you should look into.

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