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It’s been said you can’t stop progress. When it comes to new birth control methods that make it easier for women to enjoy sex more freely then why would you even want to. If you’re in a committed and exclusive relationship, then you should be able to be as carefree as you’d like to be when it comes to sex. Many women don’t like having to take birth control pills. This is what makes the Annovera ring so great for women who want to prevent pregnancy without having to worry about taking a pill.

Not only does the Annovera ring offer 97% effectiveness for birth control, but all you have to do is insert it and then let it do its thing for 3 full weeks. Then you remove it for a week, clean it, and then reinsert it again for another 3 weeks. You can do this for an entire full year before this birth control ring needs to be replaced.

The Annovera annual birth control ring is likely going to be among the most popular birth control methods soon. You can’t stop progress, and you won’t have much luck keeping women away from a birth control ring either. It’s a lot more appealing than taking pills multiple times a week or having to have your partner rustle up that condom when all you want to do is keep a good thing going.

All of which is important, because as we’re sure you’ll agree spontaneous sex is super important to the health of a relationship. And hey, that’s just as true for married women as it is for younger and single women. You only live once ladies, and sure, that goes for the fellas too.

Introducing the Annovera Birth Control Ring

IUDs are nothing new in the contraceptive methods world, but the Annovera Birth Control Ring is different. For starters, the best part is that you can leave it in place for a full 3 weeks of every month. That’s the ultimate in convenient birth control right there. Women who’ve already discovered the Annovera ring for birth control have been saying it’s nothing to have it there at all, and it’s absolutely no impediment to having great sex.

That’s because it’s super ‘soft’ and ‘squishy’ – nice alliterative descriptions that we are happy to borrow from the Annovera ring website. That’s definitely by design! The idea was always to make this birth control ring be as discrete and comfortable as possible. All while still ensuring it’s a reliable birth control method that’s not pills. And it might be a pre-emptive solution for any woman wondering is there a limit to how long you can continue to take birth control and not have health risks.

Now the Annovera ring does still makes use of the same synthetic hormone drugs that birth control pills do. It’s not just the physical ring itself that prevents pregnancy, and there are chemicals in the equation the same way.

While it’s still advisable not to use birth control for multiple decades, the Annovera ring is a much better choice than birth control pills. In truth, you really don’t have to look any further than the convenience and appeal of how you’re able to use this all-year reusable birth control ring. You really don’t feel it once it’s in place, and again – that’s progress!

Washing, You Say?

Sometimes it’s helpful to be as far-out-there conceptual as possible with things. Annovera is an excellent choice for any woman who wants to move to an IUD birth control device. Annovera totally different from all the existing ones out there when it comes to birth control choices for women.

But let’s wrap things up here today by talking about what’s required when you need to wash the Annovera Ring. You start by washing and drying your hands. Then wash your Annovera ring with mild soap and lukewarm water before patting it dry with a clean cloth or paper towel. Then it’s good to go again for another 3 weeks!

Seriously, if you haven’t tried this new annual birth control ring then you really ought to give it a try. It’s a new birth control alternative that couldn’t have arrived too soon for women.

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