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There has been an increasing number of birth control app developers that have been coming out with ways to disrupt industries. Take for instance Uber, which is disrupting the taxi industry or AirBnB which is disrupting the way we rent accommodations. Now let’s add how we get our birth control. Welcome, Nurx, a new birth control app that is making birth control more accessible.

It’s pretty simple, you download the birth control app and fill out a questionnaire. These questions are typical questions that your doctor would be asking if you visited the office.

You might be asking, why would you want to use a birth control app rather than visiting a physical office?

Well, imagine if you were a teenager, perhaps 14-year-old and wanted to have access to birth control but are afraid to go to the doctors cause you just don’t know how to approach the situation.

Nurx Birth Control App

The Nurx app makes it convenient for everyone who wants to have access to birth control. It is safe and the app promises it’s secure and all the information is confidential.

It is secured by Norton and HIPPA Compliant (which is patient data protected).

They even have doctors that are licensed from the states you are from so you know you are talking to a doctor and not just a robot.

The app is easy so that it can be used by anyone. They currently have a three step procedure to get your birth control.

  1. Sign up for an account, fill in the questionnaire and pick your brand of birth control.
  2. Doctors will review the order and write a prescription
  3. The birth control will be delivered to you at no extra cost.

Nurx – OC from Hans Gangeskar on Vimeo.

Pretty simple eh.

There has to be a catch right? What are the costs, and why would someone be willing to provide this service.

Well, this is a free app and most insurance companies should cover the cost of birth control.

If your insurance doesn’t, the birth control starts as low as $15.

A doctor will help you choose a birth control manufacturer if you have never used birth control before. A doctor will find a pill that will work for you based on QA session with the doctor via phone or video call.

Nurx will not tell your parents (for you youngsters) that you are taking birth control, however, if the insurance company that you are using (presumably your parents), they might disclose the information.

It is recommended that you check in with the insurance company before you make a claim with them.

Ultimately, there is no reason why you would want to hide this from your parents.

That is a pretty sweet deal, the states that could take advantage of this are Hawaii, Idaho, Alaska, Washington and Minnesota.

Just a friendly reminder that birth control prescription is not needed in California or Oregon.

Not Meant To Replace A Doctor

By all means, the Nurx is meant to make birth control more convenient but it has no intentions to replace a doctor.

In fact, Nurx works with doctors and the birth control app would not work without them.

The website mentions that the primary care physical plays a key role in providing excellent health care. The app just wants you to have another access of talking to a doctor.

It is recommended that you still go to a doctor for regular check-ups. It would impossible to do check-ups via an app.

The doctors on the app will also work with your primary doctor to provide the best care for you. This is done with your consent.

Birth Control Options

There are currently offering various types of birth control methods such as PlanB, combination Pill, extended cycle, progestin-only pill, and non-pill options (NuvaRing and Xulane – Birth Control Patch).

It offers a variety of brands for each style of birth control pill.

The website also offers a questionnaire you can fill out online and it will suggest particular brands that might suite your needs.

Otherwise, a doctor can always prescribe a brand.

It also works at a birth control reminder app. Depending on your insurance coverage, Nurx will send you a 1-3 month supply of birth control. Depending on your request, you can have the app set up to auto-refill that way you don’t have to worry about missing a dose.

This is extremely helpful and knowing that you’ll always have a supply of birth control.

For added protection, don’t forget to use a condom for added protection against pregnancy and STIs.

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