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‘I’m on my period’ – a phrase that should not be said to boyfriends or any men for that matter and rather should be kept a conversation among girlfriends. The work that we as women do to hide the fact that we have a period, the embarrassment we feel when a boyfriend or father finds a box of tampons or when you discover that you have a stain on your jeans. We are conditioned at a young age not to talk about periods or menstruation even though it is a completely natural process that at least 50% of the population experiences.   

Various negative connotations surround having your period such as feelings of sadness or anger being automatically assumed to being ‘PMS’ or premenstrual syndrome. Therefore, many women are made to feel that being uncomfortable or suffering during your period is normal and, frankly, inevitable. The University of Colorado found that approximately one in three women experiences a heavy period and birth control methods, such as the pill, can reduce menstrual flow by as much as 60 percent as well as offer relief from pain.  

In many cultures, sex or particularly pre-marital sex, is a huge taboo and a controversial subject. Therefore, women are not even allowed to think about taking birth control even if they are using it for alternative reasons. Taking birth control is often something you need to hide and is not widely accessible in many communities due to the relationship between the pill and sex. It is important for women to know that birth control is not always used as a contraceptive. Menstrual health management is another reason why many women need birth control specifically the pill. It is crucial for women to have access to the necessary information surrounding the pill so they can make an informed choice. 

Due to the association of the pill with pre-marital sex – little research exists on the use of birth control pills in countries like India again perpetuating a stigma. This stigma not only puts women in these countries at a higher risk when it comes to STD’s, menstrual health, or an unplanned pregnancy, but it also takes away their freedom. Therefore, women need to be aware of the benefits of the pill and given wide access to use it.  

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