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Do you know what the most desired breast shape in the world is? It’s a good one… Yes, the only thing that matters when it comes to your assets is that they should be in good shape, and by that, we mean brimming with good health and no signs of tumors or lumps.

It’s the end of the month, a sign to do your monthly breast self-exam to ensure your boobies and everything inside is in the pink of health. We recommend everyone do this, and we mean EVERYONE. Just because you’re not a female doesn’t mean breast cancer won’t sneak up on you.

 We have some tips on how to remember, how you can check, and what happens when you find something that wasn’t there before.

How will you remember?

We suggest picking a day and checking yourself at this point every month. We recommend either the first or the last of the month as you most likely will be prompted and reminded of the date. At that point, when you are in the comfort of your own home, check yourself for lumps and irregularities within your breasts. You can even put a reminder in your phone or calendar to notify you when your date arrives! Time flies these days, and you won’t even realize before it’s thrown on the back burner.

Why check?

Saying that your life depends on it would not be an understatement. Early detection could save your life. Doing a self-examination is a valuable and essential screening tool as you may find a small lump in between your annual ultrasound or MRI. You can easily do a self-exam regularly, at any age.

Doing it often will also help you be aware of how your breasts should feel. You will know instantly when there is an abnormality, and at that point, you can book an appointment with your doctor to put your mind at ease.

Quick and easy How To:

When you’re ready to begin your exam, either choose a flat surface to lie down on or decide to do it in the shower; if you’re lying down, your tissue spreads out, which makes it thinner and more accessible to feel irregularities. If you’re in the shower, use soap to lather your fingers to help ensure they glide smoothly over your skin.

  • Use the tips of your three middle fingers for the exam
  • When moving around your breast, use different pressure levels in a circular motion
  • Cover the entire breast from top to bottom, side to side — from your collarbone to the top of your abdomen, and from your armpit to your cleavage
  • Take your time. Don’t rush. It may take several minutes to examine your breasts carefully
  • Finish the exam and be proud that you remembered to do it!

What happens when you find something?

First of all, don’t panic. Often it may be nothing as imperfections are normal. Your normal breast tissue can feel lumpy and varies in consistency. Your breasts also change when you’re on your menstrual cycle. So, to reiterate, don’t freak out. When you do find something, call your doctor to book an appointment. At that point, they will evaluate your irregularities, ask for a medical history, and will most likely order a breast imaging test.

Doing a check once a month is a great way to ensure you’re keeping your body safe. Early detection is vital, and could save your life. Please make sure the badass women in your life do their checks too! Even remind the men in your life as breast cancer doesn’t know gender.

Let’s do this, ladies and gentlemen. Stay safe and continue to be in control of your life. Sometimes, all it takes is three fingers.

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