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Ever wondered how many people actually used a condom the first time they had sex or how many condoms are sold each year in the United States? Well, you came to the right page. Below you will find an infographic on condom use statistics and why you should be using a condom every time you have sex.

condom use statistics

Condom Use Statistics

Here is a text version of the condom use statistics:

450,000,000 condoms sold in U.S each year

  • $0.45/cents is the average cost of a single condom
  • 93% of sexually active women who had a partner use a condom.
  • 39% of high school students are taught how to put on a condom in their health class. This is a surprisingly low number. Here are are a few tips to help you put on a condom:
    • The first thing you want to do is check if the condom is expired or has any holes or punctures in it. If you feel that the condom has been tampered with, just simply throw it away (it only cost you 45 cents!)
    • Pull back the foreskin if you are uncircumcised before you put on the condom. This may be easier for you to roll on the condom. Do not put any oils on the condoms but lubricants are fine.
  • 20% of sexually active teens who use a condom along with another birth control method.

Past 10 vaginal intercourse events

  • Women are less likely to use a condom while having vaginal intercourse
  • Men are more likely to use a condom while having vaginal intercourse.

Sex for the first time

  • 82% of teen males who used a condom the first time they had sex
  • 68% of teen girls who use da condom the first time they had sex

Benefits of using a condom

  • Female and male condoms are the only form of birth control that will help protect against STI and HIV.
  • Condoms can be bought or found literally everywhere. This includes community centers, washroom stalls, and drug stores.
  • No sides effects. Unlike other birth control methods, condoms do not have any side effects.
  • Condoms come in various textures, shapes, and styles that can increase pleasure for you and your partner. This is just an added bonus and you can get condoms to last longer.
  • Since no birth control method is 100% effective, using a condom just adds another layer of protection.

Condom market share

  • 69% Trojan
  • 15% Durex
  • 16% Other

It is important that you wear a condom everytime you have intercourse. This means that you cannot take a condom on halfway of having intercourse or put one on during intercourse. This defeats the purpose of a condom and will not protect you against STI or HIV.

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