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If you said yes, you’re on the right track. If you said no…. OH HONEY, do we have some life changing advice for you.

Lubricants can literally transform your sex life, and no, we are not being dramatic. Think of it like this – the wetter the better. Every single vulva owner should be the proud owner of a bottle of lube. Actually, why limit yourself? Let’s say the proud owner of multiple bottles! The bigger the better, right?

If you associate lube with dryness, we’re sorry, but there is so much more to it. It’s 2021 baby. Lube isn’t just for those who can’t get wet right away, or older women who “don’t have a sex drive.” There is such a stigma around this and it’s just not true. Our bodies are all so different, that at any age you may struggle with being too dry, even when you’re SO turned on! In some cases, we are completely turned on, but all the hormones in our bodies are not allowing for it. What you eat, your stress levels, your hormones or even time of the month, all come into play here so don’t feel bad about this. You’re not alone babe.

Being dry leads to tearing, pain, and sex and masturbation that is not enjoyable AT ALL. That is why we want to recommend giving lube a go! We swear, every time you have sex from here on out, you’ll be reaching for that bottle.

There is such a huge variation of options on the market that it can be perplexing to know what works best. We are here to give you the break down on the types of lube, and the benefits that come along with them:   

Silicone-based lube is hypoallergenic so MOST people will not experience a reaction. This is also a lube that lasts a little longer, so if you plan on dragging out your O, this is the one for you. We also highly recommend adding this lube into your next stint with shower sex… It works great in water to help avoid that awkward shower water lube that never seems to do the job. We also want to note that you shouldn’t use silicone lube with silicone sex toys as it’s possible you may damage your toy. No one wants that! 

Oil-based lube is perfect for those who are in the mood, and want to STAY in the mood. You can now remove the *reaching for the bottle* move mid sex because you won’t need any more, at any point! Some lubes last a little longer, some disperse, so oil lubes are the gift that keeps on giving and giving aaaaaand giving. You can also create this type of lube at home… Yes, we are serious! Some people like to use house made oils out of coconut oil. Some oil-based lubes can break condoms and or cause yeast infections, especially if you’re prone to these… . Oil lubes can be very good for those who want something more natural. It’s a win, win! 

Water-based lube is great for pretty much any form of sex. This is because it’s safe to use with condoms, both latex and non latex. If you like to incorporate toys into play, it won’t deteriorate the surface of the toys like other lubes can. This lube is also great because it won’t mess with the pH of your vagina. Water-based lube doesn’t stain, it’s easy on the skin and washes off easily. We’d say this one is a winner. The one downfall you may find is that it doesn’t last long, however if you’re down for a quickie, this is the lube for you!

Flavoured lube is available in water, silicone and hybrid bases. It’s a fun one to try out only if oral is on your mind. If you plan on moving into sex after using this, we highly recommend you shower in between. Yes, they taste amazing, however if you have a sensitive vagina, she may hate you later. Keep in mind, you should be checking out the ingredients to ensure you know the pH value of what you’re purchasing. A healthy vagina should maintain the pH level of 3.5 to 4.5, so the lube you use should also be around the same level to avoid any issues. 

That’s it from our book of lube. Now, over to you. If this is gonna be your first time lubing up, we know you’ll never look back. If we could, we’d add to our list of basic human rights.  And if those around you dare to make you feel bad about using it, you know what to stick up their faces. So, lube up baby, and be proud! 

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