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There you are. Spending hours scrolling through social media, often finding yourself in awe of people who seem to be living their dream life. Then you jump on this unyielding trip to self-doubt, wondering why things in your life aren’t working out in a way you had them scripted in your daydreams. No, we are not reading your mind. We’re all sailing in the same boat here.

But what if you changed the way you looked at things? What if you enjoyed each moment you already had? What if you had such less time to talk about what you’ve not accomplished because you were busy romanticizing your life? Easier said than done? Well, not really. 

The concept of Romanticizing your Life isn’t unexplored. Many people are addressing it on popular social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok. It basically entails treating your life like it was a movie. Finding joy in the little details and turning it into a celebration that upgrades your everyday life to something special because you find your happiness in them. If you too, want to make the most mundane things in life spectacular, follow these simple yet mindful changes. 

Notice the details. 

The warmth of the sun, the flakes of snow, the soothing rain, the towering trees, the freshness of daisies, the birds’ chirping, the smell of roses, the aroma of freshly baked pie, the purity of the water you drink, the taste of freshly brewed coffee, your ride home, your favorite song. Stop and take a moment to appreciate the little things that have always been around you, but you were too busy in your own head to notice them. Spend time with them. Appreciate all those things that you’ve never bothered to pay attention to before.  

Love yourself first. 

When you shift the source of happiness from others to yourself, you’ll find yourself surrounded by more joyful moments. Look at yourself in the mirror. Tell yourself how beautiful and strong you are. Notice the curves and the corners of your body that haven’t received much of your love before. Gaze at that gorgeous face. Pose like a supermodel. Appreciate your skin, your nose, your chin, your neck, and the freckles on your cheek.  

Dance like no one’s watching. 

Even if in a crowd, dance your heart out. Show the world the finger without sticking it out. Isn’t that what you always wanted to do? So do it by just living in the moment and doing what your heart desires to, without the fear of judgment or labels. Remember, your best revenge lies in your happiness.  

Spoil yourself. 

Take yourself on a date. Spoil yourself with flowers, gifts, chocolates, gadgets. Because, why not! Do what makes you feel good. Take pictures of yourself. Click pictures of just about anything that fascinates you. If you love coffee or a certain beverage, treat yourself to the best one in town. Or indulge in the process of brewing one yourself as if it was therapy. 

Be grateful for everything you see, smell, hear or touch. Turn every moment of your life into a good memory by romanticizing the hell out of it. Your existence is nothing but special, just the way it is. So, the next time you think life is boring, change the way you look at it and watch it become the most celebrated event in history. 


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