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Beware, ladies! They could be anywhere. At the party, at the park, right next door, or at the family dinner. Eyeing you, watching every step you take, every decision you make, and never missing a chance to ask, “So, when are you planning for a baby?” and right at that moment, your brain goes, “Arrgghh!”. 

It’s not just outright nosey but also disrespectful to the woman who is being pressured and questioned about her decisions all the time. Having kids, not having kids, waiting to have kids, whatever a woman chooses to be, is a highly personal decision and not a matter of public approval or acknowledgment. When and if she decides to have a baby, she will let those who matter know. 

Here are things we’d really wish people would stop asking a woman because honestly, we’re so done hearing them. Plus, what you can reply.  

You’ve been together so long; why don’t you have kids yet?  

Because someone needs to think about bringing nosey people into this world! Also, is a relationship or marriage just a precursor to having kids? Of course, not. You get married to the person, not his sperm. 

You’ll change your decision once you meet the right man.  

Well, thanks for proving that you know more about me than I do. Now, can you also look and tell if I’d be a billionaire someday? Maybe I will change my mind. Maybe not. But whatever I do, I’d surely not be acting on your judgments and advice, so kindly keep them to yourself. Also, how do you even know if it is men I am interested in? 

If you stay childless, you’ll never find a purpose in life.   

FYI, it’s called being child F-R-E-E. And if that’s what I want, I wouldn’t want it any other way. Also, who decided that motherhood can be the only purpose of my life? Did life have no meaning before you had kids? All due respect to mothers, but if I find happiness in something else, that is my purpose. I can’t have the same purpose as you. No one can want the exact same thing from life. 

If you have people throwing these questions around like confetti, you don’t have to hold back on your responses. An appropriate reply will ensure they mind their own uterus (read business), and not other’s. Be fearless and be confident of your choices and don’t let others have you questioning your decisions. You’ve got this! 













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