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You should be aware when your period is set to come, and you should be tracking your cycle every month. Ovulation is still a crucial part of a healthy menstrual cycle, even when pregnancy is not your end goal. 

Tracking your own cycle will increase your awareness in regards to your overall health and wellness. Knowing when your menstrual cycle is coming will be a key indicator that your body is happy and healthy. When your period comes, it’s your body’s way of letting you know that everything on the inside is all working as it should! 

How to Ensure Yours is Regulated :

When your period is regular, it’s generally a sign that you’re healthy overall. If your body is struggling in any way, this often causes your regular egg production to stop because nature is saying that you’re not in a healthy condition to nurture a baby. – Whether you want to have children or not, you should be ensuring your cycle is regulated to make it known that your body is in good health. If you incorporate exercise, more water, less stress and a healthy diet into your lifestyle, this will help ensure your period is consistent and your body is happy.

Benefits of Consistent Ovulation:  

There are so many benefits of having a regular menstrual cycle… To name a few: 

  • Regular Cycles: This is great for your own knowledge so you’re prepared for aunt flow to make an appearance. 
  • Less PMS: When your body is happy, so is your soul. When you treat your body right, your hormones will be more balanced, even before, during and after your cycle. 
  • More Libido: Yes, your libido rises when it’s your time of the month… BUT, if you have a consistent flow, your hormones are balanced and so is your libido. Say goodbye to that sex drive that seems to be all over the place! 

How to Know if Yours is Coming:

  • Your Sex drive Increases: Yes, you may suddenly feel more horny than ever, and this is one of the common signs indicating that aunt flow is on her way! 
  • Ovulation / White Cervical Mucus: This is when your mature egg is released from your ovaries, and this process will most likely happen 5-7 days before your period actually starts. During this time, your eggs are more likely to be fertilized. If your end goal is not pregnancy, you need to ensure you’re being very careful at this time in your cycle. Double wrap it, before you tap it!
  • Energy Levels can Increase: Before your period you get a boost of both estrogen and testosterone which boosts serotonin and energy levels. You may feel more awake in the morning, not so knocked out after a workout, or maybe your coffee seems to hit a little better than normal!

Awareness of all these things allows you to get to know your own body, on a deeper level. Next time you’re feeling off don’t forget to nurture your own body to get it back into it’s fine form. You period happens for a reason, as crappy as it may be. The more regular, the better!

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