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Today Sponge

There are many birth control options to choose from and one of them is the birth control sponge.

Do you know what the most studied over-the-counter methods of contraception on the market is?

If you guessed Today Sponge, you are correct. According to Mayer Laboratories Inc, Today Sponge is the most studied over-the-counter contraception method. It has an effectiveness rate of 89 to 91% when used properly every time.

So what exactly is a birth control sponge? The popular branded Today Sponge is a squishy foam object which is inserted into the vagina before intercourse. It works by preventing sperm from reaching the cervix and releases spermicide during intercourse to reduce sperm movement.

The question still remains…

Is your partner sponge worthy?

It all started on an episode of Seinfeld. Kramer mentions that the birth control sponge is going to be taken off the market and Elaine freaks out. After a 25-block radius search of the sponges, Elaine finds herself at Pasteur Pharmacy. The pharmacy still has sponges in stock – yes! Elaine decides to buy a full case of sponges and restrict her use.

So what does this mean? To preserve the sponges as long as you can. That was the goal of Elaine and wanting to use them only when she deemed necessary. How? She put Billy (boyfriend) through a rigorous test to see if he was sponge worthy or not.

By the end of the episode, Jerry manages to find Elaine’s lifetime supply of sponges (approximately 720) and realizes that she is depraved. Elaine realizes that Billy is not sponge worthy and ends her relationship.

The importance of this.. conserve your sponges.

So let’s go over a list from Huffington Post on 10 tips for choosing the right partner (and to see if they are sponge worthy).

  1. Don’t make choices out of fear: Don’t fear being alone; being alone is better than being unhappy.
  2. Be careful jumping into something you are not ready for: What are you looking for in life. Are you focusing on school and work, are you looking for a partner?
  3. Give people a chance: People might have a hard try showcasing love, get to know people first.
  4. Throw out the checklist: Why have a checklist in the first place. Checklists are so 1990s!
  5. Look for qualities: Emotional generosity, kindness, reliability, honesty, integrity, and empathy.
  6. Lust – don’t let it be your guide: Don’t make excuses for bad behavior because of chemistry.
  7. Define crazy and don’t confuse it with “emotional roller coaster”: Remember, these are two different things.
  8. Be yourself with someone: If you cannot be yourself around the person, why be with them in the first place. Don’t try to hide yourself, make sure the person accepts you for who you truly are.
  9. Don’t wait: The “perfect” person can be anyone. Don’t limit yourself from getting to know someone just because you do not think they are “perfect” or “ideal”
  10. Have fun: Let loose girl, go have some fun!

We know that there are a lot more characteristics than the ones listed above. This is to give you a rough idea on what to look for. So, the question still remains.. is your partner sponge worthy or not?

If so, go ahead and join the sponge worthy club today.

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