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Your mouth is an essential part of sex. Yeah, you know that but right now, what we’re talking about is Communication. Moans, roars or choirs, as long as you are communicating with your partners in bed (faking it doesn’t count), sex is always gonna be a juicier experience for everyone involved. Many people do not talk to their partners about/during sex. It may not be the easiest thing you’ve done, but we want you to. We want you to explore the unending possibilities that communicating with your partner can bring to the bed (or the shower or the couch or in the backseat of your car). Being vocal serves as a natural lubricant.  

What you can do/say to amp up the dirty talk for good –  

Convey your desire. You can do this using rhetoric or physical cues. “I like it when you…”  

Explore your fantasies. “What if we…” 

Let you partner open up. If they can’t initiate, you can. “Would you like….” 

Discover yourself. Find what your body responds to positively, ask your partner to do it for you. Return the favor. “I discovered this… Can you…”  

Express your satisfaction. “Oh, I love this…” or “You are so good at this.” 

Communicate when something is not pleasurable. You can exercise safe words to let your partner know when something is not right. And most importantly – LISTEN, to what your partner desires; not only by their words but by reading non-verbal cues and body language. 

Better communication during and especially before sex also has additional advantages than just sprucing up the “sex” part of your relationship. It can improve your overall bond and closeness with your partner and can result in mutual trust, happiness, and of course more sex. 😉 That being said, you needn’t turn it into an odious talk show. Just indulge and immerse in the experience.  

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