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Sex always tops the list as one of the most talked-about subjects at every age. And with so many discussions, opinions, and information on it, misconceptions and misjudgments are only natural. We’re here to bust those myths. Not all, but especially the ones that transcend the boundaries of not just science but common sense. Here are some of the most bizarre things we’ve heard about sex and we’re still laughing out loud. 

It’s cool to fake an orgasm.  

No. Never. If you are not enjoying the sex, say it. If your partner is not putting in efforts to stimulate you right, say it. We’re not saying that an orgasm should be the only thing you focus on during the whole act, and you shouldn’t for that matter, but if you or your partner don’t know how to make you arrive at the Big O when you want, talk about it, read about it but please, just don’t fake it. Standing up for your clit can affect your mental health and self-worth positively. 

“You can’t get pregnant if you have sex in a hot tub.” 

OK, we want to know who’s conceiving these myths? Kindergarten kids? Vagina + Sperm can lead to pregnancy unless a contraception or birth control method is involved, whether it’s in hot water, cold water or orange juice.    

“You can’t get pregnant if you have sex standing up.”  

This is true, but only if you are standing alone with no one to have sex with. Once again, Vagina + Sperm + No Birth Control = Pregnancy is possible. You can have sex however you want – sitting, standing, running, skydiving… results are likely to be the same. 

“My partner is very faithful and can never think of sex with someone else.”   

Well, we hate to break your bubble, but monogamy has truly little to do with bedroom imagination. Having the loyalty to not cheat on partners, or not indulging in sexual activities outside of a relationship without the partner’s permission or involvement isn’t a pretty natural phenomenon. Being faithful takes a lot of mental strength and commitment to resist the urge to have an affair. If your partner is in a monogamous relationship with you, it would be a good idea not to take it for granted. Let them know you are very appreciative of it.  

Men always enjoy sex more.  

Ladies, who are we kidding. The fact that when done right, we can last longer in beds and our pleasure isn’t at the disposal of an  ejaculation is proof enough that women enjoy sex as much as men or more. There are many other ways to enhance our sexual experience (hands, toys, mouth, oh boy!) The key is to be curious about it and fearlessly exploring newer techniques to find what works best for you.  

What’s the most bizarre thing you’ve heard about sex? Let us know here. 


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