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Can someone guess the first step to ensuring glorious, mind-boggling, bed-shattering sexual experience that guarantees mutual satisfaction? Did you say foreplay? Attagirl! You must be aware by now that opportunities to experience the Big-O via foreplay are ample. But did you know that unleashing the power of the G-spot could be your secret weapon? Pardon us for making it sound like the superhero of the sex organs industry, but how could we not?

Also called the Gräfenberg spot, the G-spot is the erogenous area of the vagina that remains close to vulva-holders’ hearts around the world. Pun intended. Despite this, the potential of stimulating the G-spot to achieve sexual arousals, powerful orgasms, and female ejaculation remains a topic of debate and desire. The internet is swamped by research and information that promote both sides of the story. Has that bothered us for having fun with the G? Absolutely not. But why is it that most women find themselves in a tough spot when it comes to finding the G-spot? Here’s possibly why: 

Where on earth is it!

The G-spot is located at an essentially backward angle, which makes it difficult for us women to discover the area with our fingers alone. To top that, the hesitation in asking our sexual partners to lead the way or avoiding getting just some darn accessories adds up to the inaccessibility.     

Getting straight to the point

Is a habit that may not be letting you get there. A lot of us depend primarily on penetration alone for sexual pleasure. And even though certain sex positions can help, the benefits of bequeathing undivided attention to the stimulation of the G-spot is often undermined. You might want to consider putting those procrastination skills to some good use.  

Going for a “spot” 

Not like there’s a designated area down there that says “Press Here for Fireworks.” While the clitoris is a cluster of highly touch-sensitive nerves and tissues, the G-spot is just an extension of this bunch. Different women find pleasure in different areas of the clitoris. Often, we try too hard to find an exact scene of action without realizing that it’s not merely that; we have the entire territory to explore. So, how about some adventure? 

Ladies, we must come to believe that true pleasure lies in the journey towards finding the G-spot. Treat it like a ritual, not a compulsion and see where the adventure takes you. Go for it. Say G! 


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