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“Lifesaver” or “Drama eraser” would have made good candidates too. But, as they say, what’s in a name? We say – misconception. So, you know birth control pills are consumed to control slash avoid pregnancy and that’s what it was primarily designed for. However, birth control pills have benefits beyond contraception. When taken in the prescribed dosages, birth control methods have proved to be beneficial as treatment for acne, astray hormones, cysts and tumors, period cramps and irregular periods. Over 50% consumers of birth control pills rely on it for reasons other than contraception. Yes, could be taking birth control even if you’ve never had sex.


Birth control is the apex purpose of birth control methods. Pills, patches, rings, IUD are some of the popular methods of using birth control to avoid pregnancy. Birth control methods should be had regularly without any misses to see results. Your health, needs and lifestyle play a very important role in choosing a method that will suit you best.

Regularizes periods

Combination and progestin-only pills help regularize periods. Your flow is lighter and more manageable, so you know exactly when it’s gonna knock on your door. It’s also possible to invite periods exactly when you want or dodge a visit from it on days you feel like you’re not ready. Birth control pills also make your flow lighter by thinning the uterus lining. Lighter periods mean less painful cramps, more manageable PMS and a lowered risk of anemia.

Tames acne and unwanted hair growth

Birth control pills tame the amount of male hormones in your ovaries resulting in a reduction of unwanted body and facial hair and clearing up the face by treating breakouts. Over a period, the appearance of acne and excess face and body hair on the chin, upper lips, belly, breasts and inner thighs fades noticeably.    

Treats PCOS, PMS, and PMDD

Birth control may not be a direct medication for PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) but it helps manage a key aspect of the treatment and that is managing your periods. Excess testosterone levels, lack of or irregular periods are symptoms of PCOS and a branch of all these can be treated with the right birth control medication.

Reduces chances of getting certain kinds of cancers

Women who are on birth control or have practiced birth control in the past are at a 30% to 50% lower risk of contracting ovarian or endometrial cancer than those who haven’t ever taken birth control pills.

Talk to your doc to know more about how birth control can make your life more comfortable and easier. Imagine a pill that can keep babies and worries out of your life. Now, have it. We’d recommend you consult your doctor to determine the right dosage for you.


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