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Taytulla Birth Control

Taytulla Softgel Capsule Birth Control

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Taytulla is the first and only oral contraceptive that is available in a softgel capsule.

With only 20 micrograms of daily estrogen this is a low-dose prescription birth control pill. If taken as directed Taytulla was proven to be 96% effective in pregnancy prevention.

Get the facts about Taytulla and read more information below.

Important Risk Information


If you are over 35 years old and smoke do NOT take Taytulla. Smoking increases the risk of serious cardiovascular side effects from birth control pills which could possibly include: stroke, heart attack, and blood clots which could lead to death. The risk increases depending on the number of cigarettes smoked and the increase of age.

What’s in Taytulla?

Taytulla is a softgel capsule that has a opaque pale pink color.

Each capsule contains a combination of 2 female hormones.

The hormones are:

  • estrogen called ethinyl estradiol
  • progestin called norethindrone acetate

How many capsules contain hormones?

There are 24 days worth of “active” capsules that have hormones within them and 4 days of “reminder” capsules that do not contain hormones.

Who should not take Taytulla?

Do not take this birth control pill if you have liver, kidney, or adrenal disease as it could cause serious health problems. These health problems include but are not limited to blood clots, heart attack and a stroke.

You should also not take this medication if you are pregnant, experience unexplained vaginal bleeding, or have any type of cancer. Additionally if you have high blood pressure you should consult your doctor first.

If you are unsure of anything you should consult your doctor before taking any sort of birth control pill.

What else should you know about Taytulla?

Taytulla should not be used and stopped if you experience a blood clot at least 4 weeks before and through 2 weeks after major surgery.

If you are breastfeeding or had a baby within the last 4 weeks you should not take Taytulla. You should consult with your doctor about when it is safe to use this birth control option.

You should stop taking Taytulla if you experience yellowing of the eyes or skin due to liver problems.

If you are a diabetic or pre-diabetic you should have a doctor monitor you while you take Taytulla to make sure no health issues arise.

To learn how to take Taytulla and more information about the birth control option click here.

What is the most serious risk of taking Taytulla?

Taytulla may increase the risk of serious conditions such as stroke, heart attack and blood clots. These conditions can cause permanent disability and can be life-threatening.

Possible Side Effects of Taytulla

  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • headache
  • spotting or bleeding between menstrual periods
  • painful menstruation
  • weight change
  • breast tenderness
  • acne
  • abdominal pain
  • anxiety
  • depress

Note: Birth control pills do not protect you against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

What is Taytulla?

As mentioned above Taytulla is a prescription birth control pill that is used to prevent pregnancy.

If you are obese or have any other health concerns it is important to consult your doctor to find out if this medication is right for you.

Learn more about birth control pills or other birth control options today.