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Best Condoms

Best Condoms

What are the best condoms to get?

Condoms are made out of rubbers and the most common one is latex. If you are allergic to latex, condoms can be bought in other materials. These materials include nitrile, polyurethane and polyisoprene. Other animal membrane and lambskin condoms do not protect you from STDs and HIV. These animal membranes will only protect you against pregnancy. Read the label of the condoms carefully before you buy them to see what they protect you against. The World Health Organization (WHO) states the effectiveness rate of non-latex condoms is 95%. This is because they have a higher rate of breakage (compared to latex).

Some people say the best condoms are the ones that come in unique textures, shapes, sizes and flavors. Condoms can glow in the dark, have a unique flavor or nothing at all. Condoms can also become contraception mechanisms such as spermicide. Spermicide is very effective in killing sperm by 70-80%. It doesn’t matter which condoms you buy, but latex and plastic will provide similar protection against pregnancy and STDs.

Finding the right fit is very important. Majority of condoms that you buy off the shelf is one-size fits all. This means that condoms are generally versatile and stretchy. They should be comfortable for most people. If condoms are too tight, they tend to be uncomfortable and you wouldn’t be able to enjoy yourself. If a condom is too large, try a smaller size but this might be a little difficult. Manufactures tend to make a one-size condom, so finding the correct type might take a little digging. You don’t want a condom that is too large because it can fall off during sex or slip out.

Be careful and read condom packages before you buy them. Do not just grab the first condom box you see and buy it. See if the condom is protecting you against both pregnancy and STDs/HIV. Always check the expiration date and make sure the condom is not punctured before you put it on.