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How Old Do You Have To Be To Buy Condoms?

How old do you have to be to buy condoms

How to buy condoms

There is no age restriction or prescription required to buy condoms. People might feel awkward going into the aisles of a grocery store to find a condom brand (or even look around at a few options) before purchasing one. But condoms are fairly easy to buy and can be found pretty much everywhere. You do not need to buy them at grocery stores. Condoms can be purchased online, convince stores, supermarkets, drug stores, community health centers, doctors’ offices and even in washroom stalls (vending machines).

Purchasing condoms makes you responsible and wanting to protect yourself and your partner. You should not feel ashamed of this. If you are having trouble getting condoms, visit the doctors and/or community centers. Local student organizations are school offer condoms for free.

The cost of condoms

Condoms are probably one of the cheapest forms of birth control. Not only do they protect you against STDs and pregnancy, they are fairly inexpensive or even free.

The price is determined by where you buy the condoms and brand/types of condoms. In a larger box of condoms, each condom will cost you less than $1. In smaller packs of 3 condoms can cost between $2-6. It is beneficial to stock up on condoms since they last a very long time (if stored properly), cost less and be prepared when you need it.

No matter how much condoms cost, your health is more important. If you cannot afford condoms, see a doctor or visit a community center to get some. The protection against pregnancy and STDs is more important.

Condoms can also be combined with other birth control for added protection against pregnancy. Another way to protect against pregnancy would be using the withdrawal method while using a condom. This will allow you to ejaculate in the condom away from the vagina.