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What Is A Condom?

What is a Condom?

What is a Condom?

Condoms are generally made out of latex and plastic that come in a thin, small pouch. Condoms can be made from different materials if you are allergic to latex. These materials include lambskin, polyurethane, nitrile and polyisoprene. Condoms can be purchased at various drug stores and/or for free at community centers.

How does it work?

The condom is rolled onto your penis before you have sex. The condom is designed to stop the semen for entering a woman’s vagina. If the sperm cannot get into the vagina, it will not be able to meet with the egg and cause pregnancy.

Condoms can also help prevent getting or giving STDs because they cover your penis. This prevents the penis to come with any contact of vaginal fluids that can spread these STIs and limits direct skin-to-skin contact.

Only latex and plastic condoms protect against STDs and lambskin condoms do not.

Does it protect me against STDs?

This is the only birth control method that helps protect against STDs. By using a condom, it lowers your chances of spreading or getting STDs by your partner. A condom covers your penis preventing you from getting in contact with any bodily fluids. This avoids skin-to-skin touching and protect against herpes and genital warts (certain STDs).

Condoms can be used for various things and don’t necessary need to go on the penis. A condom can be split down the middle and placed on a woman’s vulva. There also female condoms that can be purchased that go inside your anus or vagina.

What is a condom really meant for then? It can also be used for safer oral sex and used to protect against STDs. Even though you are using other birth control methods, by using a condom you are protecting yourself from spreading or getting STDs. Keep in mind that only latex and plastic condoms protect against STDs and animal membranes such as lambskin does not.