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Most women want to be able to enjoy sex with their partner and not be concerned about a pregnancy. Birth control medication has been around forever, but now women all over are plenty pleased with how the new Annovera birth control ring is going to take ‘pill popping’ out of the equation for birth control. Annovera is the comfortable soft birth control ring that lasts one full year and you keep it in for 3 weeks before removing and washing for 1 week.

So asides for the fact that it’s an alternative to birth control pills and instead is a soft and squishy birth control ring, the other best thing ladies are going to love about this new birth control ring method is this. It allows you and your man to be as spontaneous and full throttle as you like with your intimacy, and if things get hot and heavy who wants to be spending even a second fumbling for a contraceptive.

Birth control definitely is the way to go, and Annovera birth control is a better birth control method any way you want look at it. We think this new birth control method with Annovera is pretty great with the way it’s set-it-and-forget it for 3 weeks birth control ring.

97% is Pretty Good Odds

We don’t recommend gambling. If you’re a woman who likes a game of chance and knows good odds when she sees them, you’re going to like the idea of using Annovera birth control. It provides 97% effectiveness for birth control and again, we’re talking about a birth control method that doesn’t involve pills. Many women report that they feel like they don’t even notice the fact they’ve got it in when they’re having sex. It’s that soft, it’s that squishy, and it’s that comfortable.

For what it’s worth, we took the Soft and Squishy adjective combination from the Annovera website, and really we can’t recommend this birth control ring highly enough. Anything that lasts a long time and is 97% reliable has got to be appealing, and the Annovera birth control ring lasts a whole year before you need to replace it.

One thing you do need to keep in mind though is that if you smoke cigarettes and are over the age of 35 then you shouldn’t use this type of birth control medication. We won’t turn this into a scientific discussion, but just know what you shouldn’t and that your doctor will be perfectly happy to discuss other types of birth control with you.

Annovera vs Birth Control Pills

We’ve made it very clear how Annovera is a different birth control method. Now let’s look at pretty much the only way it’s similar to birth control pills. They’re both hormonal contraceptives, and many of the birth control pills it will be compared to also make use of estradiol. However, one of the differences with Annovera birth control ring is that is uses a new kind of progestin called segesterone acetate.

Here’s the thing though – there’s plenty in the world to make even the most together people become anxious these days, and there’s been some discussion about whether hormonal birth control methods can lead to increase anxiety in young women.

If you find that’s the case for you too, then one of the many things you can do to improve the birth control experience is sprinkle a little Valerian root into your probiotic yogurt.

Annovera is Best

We’re sure that if you try this new birth control ring, you’ll agree that the best thing about Annovera birth control is that you don’t have to a darn thing for ¾ of a month after you insert it. You don’t need to concern yourself with contraception until it’s time to take it out for a week, wash it, and then do it all over again. This is going to be a huge plus for many women in North America.

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