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Yes, the perfect shave does exist –  and we have some tips to help you achieve it. The key to avoiding ingrown hairs and bumpy skin is that wet is best. Yep, not just in the bedroom ladies and gents. 

Preparing your body for a nice clean shave is a multiple step process, so we want to lay it out for you.

We suggest finding a pre shave oil to soften up your skin. Try a brand like Bush Balm or Well Kept Pre-Shave Oil by The Detox Market. Using an oil, massage your skin until it is fully spread onto your desired area. This will help to ensure that your skin and hair follicles are softened and ready! The next step is to exfoliate by using a dry brush or scrub. Saje Natural’s “In the Buff” brush puts others to shame! Or, a personal favorite, Frank Body Their scrubs come in a multitude of scents and you’ll have a hard time not using the whole bag in one sitting.

Removing your dead skin first by exfoliating will not only ensure the hair follicle is in the best condition for hair removal but will also allow for normal growth post-shave. Dead skin cells clog your hair follicles and trap your hair under the skin, which results in ingrown hairs. No one likes those bad boys… Always be prepared to get your skin in the perfect condition for hair removal. It takes time and effort, but it’s so worth it. And, if you invest in a little scrub or oil, you can use it as a self care moment. Bask in the glory ladies!

Once these important steps have been achieved it’s time to go in! But remember to please soap yourself up…Yes, there are those emergency situations when you decide on a dress instead of pants or you realize your date might end in the bedroom but try not to give in to the desperation of throwing your leg up on the sink and dry shaving. – Ouch!

In the shower take your razor and shave in the same direction your hair is growing. It may be difficult to get all up in your bits but trust us, you’ll be thanking us later when no itch is to be had. Just as you oil up before the shave, you always need to moisturize after too. The more moisture, the less chance at in-grown hairs or bumpy, razor burned skin. 

Trust us, follow some of these tips and shaving will (almost) be as easy as it looks in all those commercials. We know we can live that dream life too, so let’s make it happen.

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