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Get off that couch and fetch yourself whatever it is that you’re craving. What! You thought, just because you almost gulped down the entire menu during the weekend, we were gonna throw you to the jaws of some “crash” diet? Of course, not. Also, we all know it doesn’t work, unless, of course, you want your body to end up crashed on nutrition. Here’s a secret – what you consume also affects your mental health and libido, big time.

Usually, if you overate at a party or miss a day of workout, what would be your reaction? Do you, like many others, go into overdrive with your guilt trip? “What was I thinking?”, “I’ll just have to starve myself now,” “I screwed up,” “I’m a failure” – sounds familiar? Listen up, occasionally indulging (ahem: overeating) in things you love is OK. Missing a day at the gym is OK. Taking a break from the routine is f*cking normal. Let that sink in.

Being aware of your fitness and health is acceptable and necessary even. Still, one should be mindful not to go to extremes to change a body type only because it doesn’t fall under their definition of “perfect.” It’s YOUR body, and it is going to remain YOURS. Undress and look at yourself in the mirror? Aren’t you just the rarest and the most beautiful creation?

Instead of changing your body, learn to accept it, nourish it. Let it feel happy so that you can feel that same happiness and contentment. And not to mention the soaring energy levels and self-confidence that you’ll enjoy, which you know where to apply 🛌 (wink wink).

Here are some easy, “Oh, that felt good” adjustments you can make to bring balanced health to your life and feel happy about your body and who you are.

You don’t have to starve. Get that straight. It’s OK to give in to your cravings throughout the day. Just substitute your high-sugar content snacks with more natural, nutrient-packed products.

Move it your way. Instead of feeling guilty about missing the high-intensity workout, go for a walk in the park. Or a run. Or a swim. Or a yoga class. Or any other relaxing activity that’ll serve your body, mind, and soul.

Stay hydrated. This is so important. Keep sipping water throughout the day. If you’re the forgetful kind, keep a reminder on your phone or laptop. You can also formulate DIY detox water by popping in some slices of lemon and mint and chunks of cut cucumber for an added soothing effect.

Hit the bed early. There is no pride in being nocturnal. Go to bed not later than 10 pm every day. Wake up early the next morning, feeling fresh as a daisy. If you have difficulty sleeping, here’s a tip that may help – listen to an audio of the ocean or the waterfall; since we’re 70% water, our body tends to respond to the sounds of water, promoting relaxation. Did someone say – masturbation? Oh yes, you could try that too.

There you go. Easy peasy, isn’t it? So, can we all start being kind to our body, like NOW? Thank you.

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