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We as women have needs, just as much as men do. We should not be shamed for this. power to the pus–… You know what we mean.

Since sex has so many elements to it; physical, emotional and even biological – there are millions of things that can affect your libido. Sex is such an important part of life but sometimes you can lose interest and sink into a rut that seems to last forever.

Highs and lows in our sex drive commonly coincide with big changes in your life such as a new relationship, pregnancy, menopause, illness or stress. Even your monthly cycle can lower or heighten these sexual desires. 

Your mental health can also take a toll on your sex drive. Often times those who are on any form or depression or anxiety pills notice a dive in their sex drive. If you’re feeling stressed or depressed the last thing you are going to want to do is get it on. 

So, after the multitude of reasons as to why you may not be feeling sexual, how do you get your mojo back? Our advice is to take it slow, but spice things up.

Hear us out…  Foreplay is your best friend, always. Whether you’re flying solo or with a partner. Slowing easing your way back into it will heighten your emotions and bring back that craving you so desire. If you’ve gotten past this step, we suggest trying new things in the bedroom. This could be anything from roleplay to toys or even positions you’ve never tried. Maybe something a little freaky like car sex or doing it in a public place. Do something fun that gets the excitement going again. A change in your sexual routines can make it that much more exciting and increase your sex drive. You’ll be craving those new adventures and before you know it, your libido is back and ready to party.

We say, slow and steady wins the race and this rings true when you’re wanting to increase your libido. Just remember, it takes time and it’s okay to feel this way. We have all been there but it won’t be long before you’re back in the saddle. You got this!

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